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Tags, Tickets, Wristbands, and More

ComTix Completely Customizes Your Next Event!
Successful events rely on high quality tickets, wristbands, and admission tickets to run smoothly. Tickets and other proof of admission items are a necessary part of organizing events of all sizes. ComTix is here to help you have a more successful event. We produce admission tickets and many other print solutions for:
  • Concerts
  • Theatrical performances
  • Proms
  • Golf courses
  • Fundraisers
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Festivals and fairs
  • Sporting events and more

What Makes ComTix Different

ComTix products are suited for a wide range of event types. Printed tickets can display the price and specific seating location or be designed to reflect general admission. Fraud resistant security features on tickets help ensure accurate accounting and ease of use. Coat check tickets and luggage tags allow your staff to secure personal belongings in an organized and convenient manner. Customized admission tickets provide straightforward proof of payment and can be used to inform guests of the date and time of events. Raffle tickets, printed wristbands, and many other event-ready supplies are available directly from ComTix.

A Design That Reflects Your Event

ComTix makes use of a free-form design system that allows our customers to input their own logos, slogan, and event information. VIP admission, children’s tickets, and general entrance tickets give you the flexibility to run your event exactly the way you want to. Security features can be placed on multiple levels to safeguard your event’s integrity. Choose from full color or black and white printing options. All the event tickets we produce are intended to showcase your group and event. Just send us the image or logo that you’d like on your tickets and ComTix will do the rest and set up a unique custom design.

Customer Service You Can Depend On

ComTix believes that ordering tickets, wristbands, and other items should be a simple process; this is why customer service means so much to us. A customer service representative will work closely with you to create the products required by your event. Next day and same day delivery services are available! ComTix produces millions of customized event tickets each year and our customers know they can depend on our reputation for excellence. Contact us to speak with a customer service representative or use our convenient online order form to see for yourself what sets ComTix apart.  


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