4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Event

Posted by | 24-11-2017

Marketing an event is no easy task. Advance planning and creativity are the keystone to creating a successful event promotion. Gather together a team, allot yourselves enough time and explore all options. Besides having an event page and sending out invites to your contacts, here are 4 more creative ways you can promote your event:

Print Marketing

Put up posters, send out post cards, hand out flyers, leave door hangers, post signs on bulletins.. The list goes on.

poster comtix print

Industry Influencers

Invite a well-known speaker or professional within your industry and ask them to share your event. Because they are trusted by your demographic, there is a good chance of seeing an increase on both your attendees and event coverage.



Hand out branded t-shirts, give free tickets (perhaps from contests), offer raffle prizes. All these will encourage people to attend, stay 'til the end or spread the word.

raffle prizes

List On Local Calendars

Submit the event to local calendars - think newspapers, blogs, magazines, etc.

magazine listing

In addition to these, utilize social media & networking. Good luck!