4 Elements You’ll Need To Have On Your Event Page

Posted by | 13-11-2017

event online marketing

Once you've got your theme, location and date/time set up, you're ready to send out invites!  The keystone of every online event marketing campaign is the event page. Whether you're creating an event website, Facebook page or Eventbrite page, we've put together a list of important elements to have to make sure you get a good attendance rate.

Attractive Event Title + Compelling Description

Make it brief yet informative. Include the key event details such as time, place and type. Let your invitees know the benefits of attending your event.

Event Image

Give your audience an idea of your theme. Remember that this image will be shared thru social media and link previews. Choose one that is inviting!

Creative and Informative Content

May they be blogs, speaker profiles or band pages, add posts that are relevant to your event. Knowing who's speaking or playing at an event encourages people to attend. Popular artists and presenters are great crowd magnets, too!

RSVP Button

Make this call-to-action button stand out! It has to be prominent on the page. Without users hitting this button, you won't get notified of your invitees' intents.

Gift Present Celebrate Party Wrapped Simple Concept

While offline marketing is a great way to reach people remotely, visual offline marketing helps a lot, too! Here are a few marketing tools to help you: posters, flyers, brochures, banners, postcards, etc.