5 Event Planning Tips for Bad Weather

Posted by | 16-05-2016

You’ve sold your event tickets, you’ve got a great attendance and you are blessed with some blue skies, bright sun and a beautiful summer breeze. These are some of the best conditions for the ultimate outdoor event. However, with planning outdoor event, your event is exposed to the risk of poor weather conditions. Roughly 30 percent of the year, is met with some level of perception. While bad weather is unpredictable, you can predict how you are going to minimize it’s impact on your event. This article will help give event planners a few quick tips to make sure your shine when there is rain.

  1. Choose a policy

    To make sure you all your bases are covered, you should advertise if the event would be either cancelled if there is bad weather, if the event date would be pushed if need be, or it will take place weather there is rain present or not. If your rain policy is advertised on the ticket, you will likely receive less calls and upset guests coming to you with their questions and concerns.

  2. Cover up!

    When the rain starts coming is your equipment vulnerable to water damage? Make sure every piece of equipment has a cover that will protect it from the rain. Soundboards, lighting and other expensive electronics are all susceptible to the elements and can be very expensive to replace. Make sure your have all the appropriate tarps, plastic wrap, and cover in a close proximity to the vulnerable equipment. Also try to keep the equipment off the ground so running water doesn’t come into contact with it at any point.

  3. Waterproof

    Events can still take place even if there's a little rain. If you’re lucky enough to not have rain affect the draw of your event, you would definitely look to areas where you can waterproof certain things. Sometimes admission tickets and wristbands can get wet and damaged. That’s when custom tyvek wristbands would make for a more ideal option. Depending on the lower severity of the weather it could even be profitable. If you have stash of rain ponchos ready to sell, you could have the potential to open up a solid source of revenue.

  4. Evacuation plan

    When the weather get’s to be more severe and the safety and protection of your event guests is in jeopardy, you need to have an evacuation plan in place. Every staff member at your event should be well aware of this plan and in place to show people the right way out of the venue if that event should ever arise.

  5. Making sure everyone's on the same page

    When the storm clouds begin to gather, is your event staff well prepared to deal with it? You need to communicate with your event staff, your evacuation plan, make sure they cover up expensive equipment and everybody is held accountable and has a purpose. Taking a few minutes before the event to make sure everyone is aware of their duties could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water damages. You should have every staff members phone number, or have them all be able to communicate on walkie talkie.

  6. Back up plan.

    When you are getting closer to the date of the event and you notice there may be some poorer weather on the forecast, you should start thinking of indoor facilities that may be suitable for your event. You also need to make sure you are properly able to communicate that to all of your expected guests.

    Event planning advice such as this is an extension of ComTix’s commitment to making sure your event goes off without a hitch. For more advice like this please visit our blog. and for your admission tickets, wristbands, flyers and other event needs please visit the Comtix website to order your custom printed tickets today!