5 Event Registration Practices To Increase Attendance

Posted by | 08-01-2018


Boost your event registration and event attendance with these 5 easy techniques!

Develop a catchy title

Create an event name that people would remember!

Only ask for necessary information

Most people don't have the time or patience to fill out long forms. Make your registration process / form as simple as possible. Request RSVP's using Facebook, Eventbrite or LinkedIn where the system automatically takes user information.

Display 3W's & H clearly

Be clear with your event date, time, location and theme. Post only relevant and entertaining content on your event page.

Offer incentives

If you can, offer early bird discounts to encourage early sign up's. Also, consider giving returning guests or plus-one discounts. Perhaps give a gift/token to attendees and advertise the fact on the event website or invitation.

Hint scarcity

Phrases such as "only 100 spots available" or "spaces filling up fast" can trigger a swift response from your invitees.

Bonus: If payment is needed, provide multiple payment options