5 Ways To Increase Ticket Sales

Posted by | 16-02-2018

If your event relies heavily on ticket sales, you'll need to take note of these 5 tips to boost your sales in 2018!

festival wristbands

Build a strong event brand & marketing campaign

Communicate and describe your event's mission and values clearly. Create a marketing strategy that will appeal to people's emotions.  You can use this by leveraging images from past events, using catchy slogans and releasing teasers.

Add a higher and/or lower ticket tier as well as discount options

Offer premium, VIP and/or full-access tickets as well as budget, floor or limited access tickets. This will encourage your strong followers to go for the full experience but people who are uncertain might be swayed to buy the cheaper option to check your event out.

Involve partners, sponsors and special guests

Find event partners and sponsors who can help spread the word. They can provide prizes for contests, advertise on their own channels and make your event look more professional. If you're planning to have speakers and/or entertainers, ask them to let their followers know that they'll be at your event! This is a great way to extend your audience reach.

Leverage referral & media from previous events

Speaking of contests, why not run one that will encourage people to bring friends? You can also invite past attendees to post photos that they've taken from previous events with your event's special hashtag. This way, people in their respective networks can see your event brand.

Reach out to a related audience network

Organizing a coffee festival? Why not add tea? See what we're trying to say here? This way you'll appeal to coffee aficionados as well as non-coffee drinkers or those still on the fence but drink tea!