Boost Your Event Planning Business By Giving

Posted by | 16-11-2017

You read that right. Gain more business by giving.

christmas business gifts marketing

Take advantage of the holiday season to thank your past clients and remind prospects of your business.

How? Gift giving, of course! Send cards, useful items like agendas, usb keys, and so on. Make sure that your name and/or brand is on your gifts. The more useful the item the better - as there is a greater likelihood of your recipients' using them more frequently, resulting in more brand exposure.

christmas holiday greeting post card

For smaller budgets, greeting cards are a great option! If you're sending a post card, choose an image that people would remember and even want to put on their fridge. Add a personalized & thoughtful note to show  you care.

If you have a bigger budget, consider sending out personalized, industry-relevant items, gift cards or corporate gift sets.

As always, take note of budget, demographics and objective. Happy gift giving!

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