Custom Printed Ticket Ideas for Your Event

Posted by | 10-02-2020

There are many different types of printed tickets that you can use for your event:

Numbered tickets, tickets with barcodes, strip tickets, anti-fraud admission tickets, raffle tickets, coat check tickets, bag check tickets, and so on.

Printing numbered tickets is always ideal so that you can keep track of your sales and attendees. Tickets with barcodes or QR codes that you can scan are especially helpful for organization and ticking off sales or guest entry. Strip tickets - may they be drink tickets, admit one tickets or raffle tickets - are handy and easy to store. Full size admission tickets with perforation make for good promotion because you can include artwork and event details on a bigger paper size. Numbered and/or bar coded admission tickets are also great for keeping track of attendance. Lastly, admission tickets make for memorable keepsakes since you can hand back the main portion of the ticket for you guest to keep! 

At Comtix, our standard strip tickets and admission tickets already come with numbering and anti-fraud features to help you have a worry-free event. On top of these, you can add customization such as seat plans, custom watermark and more. Depending on your event, you might need one or more ticket types to cater to different departments. Here are a few examples and ideas:


Festival Tickets, Trade Show Tickets & Concert Tickets

Admission tickets with barcodes and anti-fraud features are ideal for big events such as markets, festivals and trade shows. This is so your team can scan people in and record a precise count of attendees efficiently. Tickets with barcodes or QR codes can now be securely scanned with personal mobile devices for convenience! Also, in this way, your guests can keep their tickets as a souvenir. 

For big events like these, consider selling food and beverage tickets ahead of time or having a separate counter for purchasing drink tickets to that your bartenders can focus more on pouring than counting. This will also spread out the crowd and lessen the wait times at the bar, making for a more enjoyable time for everyone!

Bonus: Consider printing custom wristbands to recognize attendees such as "VIP", "19+", etc.


Prom Tickets, Themed Event Tickets & Formal Event Tickets

Fully custom admission tickets will elevate your event's brand and make for unique keepsakes! You can customize your ticket size, paper stock, artwork, anti-fraud features and even perforation! Design a ticket that goes matches your theme and price point. Distribute golden tickets, linen or even pearlescent to evoke sophistication. Contact us to get a fully custom ticket printing quote.


Graduation Tickets & Show Tickets

Printing Admission tickets with seating plans and barcodes is a classic choice for seated events such as convocations and plays. Barcodes allow for event planners & staff to track and direct guests to their assigned seats efficiently.


Stag & Doe Tickets

Print pocketable Admit One tickets for simplicity & easy distribution or create specialty Admission Tickets with a personalized artwork that your friends and family could keep as a memorabilia. Consider bundling it up with raffle tickets for extra fundraising!



Surely, there is a right type of ticket for any event! Whatever event you're planning, we can print tickets that are suitable to your needs! 

Bonus: Of course, always take into consideration the weather, your guests' comfort and your venue's needs.  Lighten up your guests' load by providing a coat check and/or bag check service.


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