Getting a Sponsor on the Back of Your Event Ticket

Posted by | 16-05-2016

Any event, whether big or small in scope, can attribute a lot of it’s success in the quality of sponsors it received. Sponsors offer financial support, prizes and other assets that go a long way to covering the costs of your event and in turn aiding their own marketing efforts. How do we find these sponsors who would like to put their logo on the back of your event ticket?

  1. Understand what sponsors are looking for

  2. Is your event a dance party? Try to attract speaker companies or a local radio station to sponsor your event. Your sponsor would be more likely to sponsor your event, if it was attracting people who would more likely benefit from their product or service. Always remember that sponsor aren’t just looking to sponsor your event for philanthropic ideals, but more for the business-to-business marketing benefits.

  3. Address their needs

  4. A sponsor isn’t going to throw money at your event without proper information. You need to be able to provide them details of your event that will highlight the benefits for them. Be sure to include information that will address how many and what kind of people will be attending the event and how much positive exposure could the sponsor get out of their investment.

  5. Set sponsorship levels

  6. There are many different types of marketing opportunities your sponsors would expect and appreciate. Having their company logo displayed prominently at your event has its values and you need to set an appropriate price. The higher your sponsor donates, the more they should expect their company's presence to be at your event. Smaller sponsors can expect something like a coupon offer on the back of your printed admission ticket whereas more premium sponsors would expect their logo on printed vinyl banners or custom posters.

  7. Pitch

  8. You know what kind of sponsors you are looking to attract and exactly how they will benefit. Put together a short packet of information and send it to the head of each company's marketing team. Be prepared for the phone calls or even the opportunity to present a slideshow in their offices.

    The best pitch will come with doing the proper research on the company and using their own language to show that you understand exactly what they are all about. Then you must show find out their needs and address how the vision of your event aligns with theirs and list the benefits your sponsorship opportunity will help in aiding their marketing efforts.

Even if you’re event is smaller, these companies see the value in sponsoring your event. You never have to compromise or sell yourself short. Be confident, know your stuff, be consistent and the right sponsors will come.

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