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Go Cashless At Your Next Event

Posted by | 27-04-2018

Going cashless at events reduces wait times thus improving guest satisfaction. A cashless venue also avoids theft and fraud. So if you're looking to improve your team's efficiency and ensure your patrons' happiness, read on!

cashless bar

Here are a few ways you can organize a cashless event:

  • Sell food and drink tickets ahead of time or at a separate line-up so your bartenders and wait staff can focus on serving rather than counting. This will make it easier and faster for everyone! Side note: Did you know that happy patrons tend to spend more?
  • Are you hosting a wine, coffee, tea or beer tasting? Use tabbed wristbands as both guest identification and drink "tokens".
  • Allow guests to buy a pre-loaded cards that they can pay for (perhaps online) along with their ticket purchase. This will also give you a better idea of your guests' average spending limits.

So there you have it; help your baristas spend less time counting and more time pouring! Keep your both your team and your guests happy.