How To Choose The Right Hashtag for Your Event

Posted by | 02-02-2018

In the world of FOMO, social media and internet trends, a hashtag is probably one of the most powerful tools that you can use to market your event, boost attendance and maintain traction after an event. Choose your hashtag wisely.

hashtag for event

Make it unique and catchy

Choose an event hashtag that is easy to remember. Generally, a short word or phrase works best.

Choose relevant keywords

Brand your hashtag and/or be descriptive. Make your event hashtag clear and concise. Ask yourself: does our hashtag match the event theme, company image and overall feel of the occasion?

Use social listening

Check with and how your community responds to the vibe. Make sure that your hashtag is not offensive and has no negative connotations/associations.

That's it.  You're set to release a strong hashtag marketing campaign. Good luck!