How To Design Your Business Cards

Posted by | 28-08-2019

Comtix offers business cards printing and we sometimes have customers ask for business card design ideas. Whether you're hiring a graphic designer or making your own business cards, it's important to follow a guideline. We'll go over the basic principles of design and business card file preparation on this article so you can design and export your cards efficiently for fast business card printing. 

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business card design ideas

How to create a successful business card design from scratch

Gather all your basics

Include your high resolution logo, your company name, your name, your title, website and contact info (e-mail address, phone number, etc.). You may also add your physical address and/or social media. Use an online platform like Canva or a design program like Adobe InDesign.

Decide on the size and shape of your business card

Do you want a regular 3.5" x 2.5" card or a square? Would you like landscape business cards or portrait business cards? Would you like regular corners or rounded?

Color coordinate the elements of your business card

Pick a color that goes well with your brand. You can take a color from your logo or use one that will not clash with your logo when used as a background.

Choose a typeface that suits the overall brand of your company

Choose a font that will go well with your logo. At most, use one type of serif, one type of sans serif and one type of script only. Ideally, you will only have a maximum of 2. Do not choose 2 different fonts that look similar. In a branding perspective, it's important the you choice of font reflects the identity of your company (i.e. modern, vintage, fun, etc.). Of course, make sure you have the right license for the font. Bonus: Always keep your text at a legible size.

Align your elements neatly within your contact card

Use a grid system and keep the edges and/or centers aligned. Allow some padding (around 5mm) along the edges to prevent your text from being cut off during production.

Add a specialty finish to your business card

Stand out with a special finish. Round the corners of your business cards or add soft touch laminate. You can also add transparent ink or metallic gold or silver for a unique shine.

Check your printers' requirements for a fast business card printing turnaround

When exporting your file, make sure to save them according to your printers' requirements. Comtix requires business card files to have  0.125" bleed, crop marks, and saved as a high res PDF. If you choose a specialty finish to your business cards, additional instructions will be provided.

With the correct file set up and good design, you can bring your business cards to life without running into hiccups! Learn more about our cheap, fast and specialty business cars by clicking here.

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