How You Can Leverage FOMO To Market Your Event

Posted by | 26-01-2018

fomo to market your event

While the fear of missing out transcends all generations, it is especially strong in the digital age of social media. It's a feeling we've all encountered at least once in our lives and has perhaps driven us to go out and take part in experiences.  Event marketers can learn from this and leverage FOMO to attract and engage their target audience!

Create urgency and exclusivity.

Tease your audience with inviting images, countdowns, and user generated content. Show them how great of a time and company they could have if they attend your event. Additionally, consider inviting them to your "exclusive", "members" and/or "VIP" lists. Don't forget to create incentives!

Create an event page and integrate it with social media.

Encourage your audience to post, hashtag, "like" and "share"! The idea is to entice others to join in the fun! User generated content is by far the best way to attract even more users - think of them as passive positive reviews.

Make sure you have "cool" & exciting elements!

Have unique event entertainment, decor and/or feel that people would want to take pictures with, tweet about and tell their friends about.

Share highlights from your past events and live stream during your event.

Think live tweets, Facebook live video, Snapchat & Instagram stories. These are great ways to reach your remote audience, create nostalgia for your current attendees, and build a hype for your next event!


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