Optimize Your Event Page’s SEO

Posted by | 09-04-2018

So you've finalized the details of your event and created your event & registration pages/s. Now what? Optimize your content for better SEO rankings of course! People are probably already searching for an event like yours. Help them find you by following these easy steps:

seo event page

Choose and use relevant keywords

What is your event about? Where is it? When is it? Who is it for? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself to find the right keywords for your event. For example, if you're running an artisan market, you can use "Summer handmade market in Buffalo New York" or "artisan events in Buffalo, New York". Of course, don't forget to use your event title as well!

Use meta tags, title tags and headers

Describe your event using your keywords. Use this description (followed by your event names) as your meta tag. Title tags and headers must containing your most relevant keywords or your event name for best optimization.

Internal and back links

Linking is important for ranking well on searches. The more relevant and popular your event is, the more search engines would want to show your listing, of course. So make sure that your social media, partner websites, etc. have links to your event page. If you have a website for your event, create internal links that point to different parts of your event website.

That's it! Track how your keywords work and optimize further if needed. Need help boosting your ticket sales? We have a 5 tips for increasing your ticket sales here.