Why You Should Pre-sell Your Event Tickets

Posted by | 12-04-2016

A job in the event planning industry can be stressful for a multiple of different reasons. Unpredictable weather, other local events vying for your audience and the little fires that always seem to pop up for event planners to put out are enough to drive anybody up the wall. An event planner's worst fear perhaps is having no one show up to event. There are certain measures in place to make sure that nightmare never becomes a reality. Here are a few reasons you should be selling advance event tickets for your upcoming engagement.

1. Predictable Revenue

By only offering your tickets to be purchased at the event, you will have no idea what sort of success you may achieve. Waiting for guests to arrive can give you too much anxiety that can easily be avoided. That’s why it is critical most planners offer the ability to purchase admission tickets prior to the date. Ensuring the tickets are being sold ahead of time allows for better attendance predictability and guaranteed revenue. When you know how many people are coming to your event, you will know how much food, drink and event staff are needed to make sure everyone is satisfied.

2. Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Don’t allow people's changing schedules to account for lost revenue - get ahead of it. If you think you have about 100 people showing up to your event, there is bound to be a select few who may run into a scheduling conflict. When you sell them a ticket in advance you have both already gathered their money and provided them a reason to give your event priority.

3. Allows you to Focus on Other Concerns

Your event ticket printing and selling should be crossed off your check list well ahead of time - not your main concern the day of. When you are worrying about all of your guests making an appearance, you aren’t making sure the ones that have shown up feel welcome, purchasing raffle tickets, beverage order tickets and have more freedom to oversee any potential issues that may arise.

How do you get people to buy the ticket before the event date?

Incentivize Advance Tickets

You need to encourage your guests to avoid purchasing tickets at the door. By offering a discount on your advance tickets, you are more likely to make a sale to your guest. Once you have about half of your tickets sold, you should start to raise the price of the tickets if you feel that sales are going smoothly. Enough people are now planning to come and the word of your upcoming event is spreading. People are more willing to pay a higher fee if they feel as though the tickets might be sold out.


Selling your tickets in advance will help ease any anxiety when planning your event, and so will the ease and affordability of Comtix’s custom ticket printing service. We have a wide variety of printed tickets to choose from that are ready to suit any of your event ticketing needs.