Solutions To 3 Common Event Problems

Posted by | 23-02-2018

While careful preparation can prevent most issues, event planners know that unpredictable problems can still arise during planning & execution. It's part of the trade! Here are 3 common event problems and how you can tackle them with resolve.

common event problems and solutions

Technical Difficulties

AV presentation failures are perhaps one of the most stressful mishaps that could happen, especially if your AV presentation counts for most of your event entertainment. A good way to avoid technical difficulties during an event is to run a rehearsal shortly before. If the budget allows, always have back-up equipment and a tech guy or gal who can troubleshoot and fix the problem onsite quickly.

The Weather

Always take into consideration the time of year, location and weather forecasts surrounding your event. If you're planning an event in the Winter, make your event extra appealing to invite your guests to brave the cold. Consider an island or beach theme, perhaps? Of course, always keep your guests' safety and comfort in mind. Have space heaters, coat check booths, valet services, etc.

If you're planning an outdoor event, have tents ready to keep your guests from getting wet in the rain or sun burnt during extremely hot days. Think about hydration stations, mists, umbrella racks and so on.


While adding a 30% cushion to the guestlist is recommended to make up for the no shows, overcrowding can present a real problem when too many people show up in the end. You can avoid overcrowding by limiting your ticket numbers. Make sure that the tickets are tamper resistant so that they cannot be copied and sold. Have staff check validity at the door. If you're hosting a free event, have security control the number of people let into the venue. Always encourage attendees to RSVP online so that you can get an idea of the expected numbers of guests ahead of time.

Now you're ready to tackle these common event disasters like a pro!