How To Speed Up The Guest Entry Process at You Next Event

Posted by | 05-12-2018

Speeding Up The Guest Entry Process at You Next Event   Screening guests into the venue admission process efficiently is key to keeping the wait times short and your guests happy. Door lists work for more intimate events but this isn't the best way to get the line moving fast for bigger events. Here are a few tips to speed up the guest entry process at your next event:  

Sell and distribute your tickets to your patrons before the event.

You can do this by selling online or other more traditional methods. Mail out your secure tickets well before the day of the event. Avoid letting guests pay at the door. If you need to sell tickets during the event, consider setting up a box office separate from the door line.  

Use barcodes or QR codes on your tickets and/or wristbands.

Using an event ticket barcode database + scanner combo can move the registration process along by eliminating the manual tasks of searching for names, checking ID's and crossing off lists. Nowadays, you don't need a traditional barcode scanner; you can use your own mobile phone to download and use a secure scanner app! Using this technology also allows for an easier reporting after the event - so you know exactly how many tickets you sold and how many showed up!  

Assign enough staff on site.

Study how many team members you'll need to scan and usher the number of people you are expecting. For larger events that might have multiple entry points, you might consider assigning at least one person at each entrance to ensure that no unauthorized person comes thru. If you have the resources, assign two at each - one to scan and the other to direct or assist.  

Prepare for hiccups.

If you know of or have observed problems that are likely to arise in the entry process at your specific venue choice or event type, always have a plan B in place. Make sure that your staff is aware of the protocols.   In a nutshell, plan ahead, sell in advance, leverage new scanning systems and have trained staff in place and you're good to go! Looking for ways to improve guest identification? Read this.