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How To Throw A Memorable Halloween Party

Posted by | 01-10-2018

Make your Halloween party stand out with these tips! If you're organizing a big festival, clubbing event or a private party, here are a few things you can do to throw a party to remember:   How To Throw A Memorable Halloween Party -

Create a catchy and relevant event page

The first thing that your potential guests will see is your event invite. Whether you're doing this thru Facebook, a third-party e-invite website or a physical invitation, the most important aspect is the catch phrase! The title has to be unique, funny or personal. The content should be simple to understand and contain all important details such as time, location and theme. Include an image that would entice your invitees to RSVP and attend! Of course, if you can induce FOMO, that's even better!   -

Declare a theme and decorate accordingly

Sure, a simple Halloween party will do, but if you want to stand out, you can step it up a notch by having a theme. Attract niche audiences based on a popular theme. Think "murder mystery", "mario karts", "dia de los muertos" and so on.     -

Plan a hassle-free entry and re-entry

Distribute tamper resistant tickets and/or wristbands to your guests. Tyvek wristbands, in particular, are ideal for guest identification, especially if re-entries are expected. If you want to be more discreet, consider UV activated stamps. They are "invisible" and only show under UV light. If it's cold where you are, set up a coat check section to help relieve your guests from their extra baggage.     -

Prepare entertainment

Have music ready. Consider a themed playlist, a DJ or even a live band. Want to make it even more memorable? Invite buskers, circus performers or other acts relevant to your theme.   -

Serve goodies

Have appetizers and drinks available. Present them in accordance to your theme. Consider offering themed cocktails and free water to keep your guests hydrated. If you're expecting a busy bar, why not offer drink tickets to keep turnaround efficient? This way, your servers don't need to worry about counting cash and can focus on providing optimal service.   -  

Thank your guests

That's it; you've thrown an amazing event! Now the only thing left to do to make sure you're remembered is to thank your guests and invite them to share photos on social media!