5 Clever Ways To Use Business Cards

Posted by | 12-08-2019

Let's face it; most business cards end up in the trash. It's time we get smart about designing business cards that are useful in more ways than one. 

Here are 5 creative business card ideas that your leads would want to keep.


1. Use business cards as loyalty cards

It's been proven that people like to collect points that will lead to rewards. Encourage customers to come back with a loyalty program and a stamp card that allows them to be rewarded by you! Wallet size business cards with your information and space for reward stamps will be a handy tool to keep your brand and info visible while helping your customers collect those points.

2. Use business cards as appointment cards

If you're a service provider, it is likely that you will need to schedule meetings with your clients. Appointment cards are ideal pocket-size reminders to hand out and provide your customers with your contact information. Simply leave space to fill in the date, time &/or location of your next meeting on one side of your card.

3. Use business cards as a coupon

Invite your customers to redeem an offer with the card on their next visit / purchase or include a promo code to encourage them to come back or share your business with their friends. You can place your discount / business cards at the counter, with the receipt or in the bag to make sure that your customers see them. 

4. Use business cards as event tickets

Create wallet-size event tickets, complete with your branding, business information, event details and even a barcode!

5. Use business cards as raffle tickets

Speaking of events; You can add a custom perforation to your business cards and use them as raffle ballots. Assign a unique number to your business cards - on both the tearable tab portion and the main (informative) portion of your business card. You can identify and announce the winner using the unique number during the draw. This will encourage attendees to hold on to your business cards at least until the raffle draw is done. Need help organizing a raffle draw? Here are a few tips.


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