What You’ll Need for A Sweet Halloween Party

Posted by | 25-09-2017


Have you started cooking up your Halloween bash? Whether you're planning for kids or for adults, here's a short list of things you'll need for a sweet Halloween party (pun intended)!

  1. Invites

    Send out paper or e-invites. Put up posters, hand out flyers, call up friends.
  2. Decor

    What is a Halloween party without Halloween decor? From the entrance to the buffet table, make sure your guests feel immersed in spooky Halloween paraphernalia. Consider having a photobooth, embellished baked goods, pumpkins to carve, specialty drinks, etc.
  3. A Playlist

    Crank up the volume and get your guests in the mood. We can think of a few songs to start you off with putting together that bumpin' Halloween playlist: Thriller by Michael Jackson, This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas, Scary Monsters by David Bowie, and of course, The Ghostbusters theme.
  4. Treats

    Think Halloween themed cupcakes, giveaways, spooky cocktails (or mocktails for a younger crowd)...
  5. Costumes

    Need we say more?
Other things you might want to consider to help you keep your party organized:
  1. Admission tickets
  2. Drink and food tickets
  3. Wristbands

Have a Happy Halloween!