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Stamp Specifications

Modico 2 Imprint Size:
37mm x 11mm
57mm x 29mm x 54mm
Modico 3 Imprint Size:
49mm x 15mm
65mm x 33mm x 60mm
Modico R45 Imprint Size:
∅ 42mm
∅ 60mm x 78mm

This is how the modico stamp works

The ink pad is placed behind the printing plate which is made of a microporous special foamed material, that
stays ink-permeable only at the unexposed areas. The exposed areas are ink-impermeable. If you press the
stamp, the ink is being dispensed through the ink-permeable areas of the text plate onto the paper. This is why
there isn’t any loss of quality, which is the result of the uneven transfer of ink from the ink plate onto the text
plate, like it is common with conventional wooden- or self inking stamps made of polymer or rubber.

Standard Features On All Stamps

  • Quick production and delivery. We can process your order in 1-2 business days.
  • Inks available in two different types. Standard inks for paper products (estimated 20,000 impressions) and PUI Inks for hand stamps (estimated 6,000 impressions).
  • Contact us for more details.

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The ComTix Satisfaction Guarantee


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