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Luggage Tags

We introduced our litter-free Luggage Tags to address a litter problem. For traditional peel and stick Luggage tags, one removes and discards the peel off portion of the tag to reveal the sticky part of the tag. This results in litter being created and often dropped on the floor. Our litter free tags do not create litter. You merely peel back the liner of the tag to reveal the sticky part and the peeled back liner stays with the main tag similar to what you’d find on an airline tag at the airport. Our tags are used for security, hotels, airlines and other applications where it’s required to check a piece of luggage. We have 15 different color Luggage Tag stock but can also print these tags in 4-color. Our Luggage Tags are free-form in that there are virtually no constraints on how the tags are designed for the placement of text, numbering and graphics.

Luggage – Security Tag

Fully Customizable Adhesive Tags Ticket Specifications Paper Stock Semi-Glossy Perforation 1 Dimensions (L x W) 11 x 1.6 inches (2 in. optional)

The ComTix Satisfaction Guarantee


At ComTix, we provide the highest quality custom wristbands, event tickets, luggage tags, posters, drink and beverage tickets, raffles, postcards, coat check tickets and other printed products. We have no hidden fees and a design guarantee, where we won’t stop until you’re fully satisfied with the products that you order from ComTix. Although our custom-printed products can not be returned for refunds, we will make sure you are fully satisfied with your order through a diligent proofing process prior to printing. With our design guarantee we are committed to working with you to make sure you are satisfied with your ComTix order.