Recycling at Comtix

Recyling at ComTix Tickets Inc. is a core process at our company.

All of the by-products from our printing process including test sheets, margin cut-offs and other waste are collected in-house and picked up by Metro Waste Paper recyclers for processing and re-distribution to paper manufacturers. All of our ticket and tag products can themselves be recycled after use. Our cardboard shipping boxes and packaging paper are made from recycled stock. All incoming boxes are cut-up and used as filler for packing purposes; any left-over box board is collected by our in-house recycling program. All of our luggage tags, golf bag tags, admit one tickets, food and beverage tickets, small and medium sized raffle tickets are produced from recycled material. We are working with our paper providers to produce our high security admission stock from recycled stock or from paper products derived from managed forest land. ComTix implements energy conservation processes throughout our production facility and unlike our competitors who use high-energy consuming printing presses, ComTix Tickets uses very efficient low energy use, high speed laser printers.