Sell Event Tickets with Comtix

While printed tickets still prove to be ideal marketing & anti-fraud tools, ticket buyers sometimes prefer to buy online out of convenience. This is why we’ve decided to offer an online ticketing service to help you keep up! You can now list and sell your tickets thru us without having to worry about high fees and setting up a payment account yourself.

When you sell tickets with us, your event is listed on our main Events page. We also create a separate page for your event where guests can purchase tickets directly on the page. Here's a sample of how your individual event page would look:


Sample Pricing

Based on 1 event, 100 tickets sold, 50 transactions, $10 ticket price.

Comparison between listing with Comtix and Eventbrite's professional plan.


$10 + $25

  $10 one-time listing fee + 2.5% per ticket sale


  3.5% + $0.99 per ticket sale


  Fees paid to PayPal: 2.9% + $0.30 CAD per transaction


  2.5% "of total transaction"




Savings with Comtix = $80


Ready to sell tickets with us?

We've prepared a PDF for you detailing the process, requirements and listing packages available. Click here to download. Please send all required info to

Want to list a free event?

Send us an e-mail with your event details (including: title, time, date, venue, description). We'll review your event and, when accepted, will go live on our list in up to 72 hrs. Free events don't get individual event pages but we will include a link to your website on the listing.