Custom Food And Drink Tickets

Customized Printed Tickets For Your Next Event

When you choose to go with ComTix Tickets Inc., for your food and beverage printed tickets, you get professional tickets that are designed and printed to your specifications. Your logo, text and ticket number are printed at no additional charge. Custom meal, snack, and beverage tickets can be created to meet your specific requirements using any font and size. We can provide different color solutions using a choice of 13 different color stock. ComTix Food and Beverage tickets cannot be counterfeited or copied.


Our tickets have three security features that are unique and include:

  • UV hidden images
  • Coin-reactive scratch-off coatings
  • White-on-white anti-fraud images

Call Us Before Your Next Event

Don’t allow food and drink concerns to preoccupy the minds of attendees at your next conference or convention. Choose one of the food and beverage printed ticket packages from us here at Comtix to help simplify your concession plans. To order your printed tickets today, call us toll-free at 1.800.881.8845 or visit our HOW TO ORDER page

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