Election Campaign Marketing Strategies To Help You Win

Posted by | 15-08-2019

How will you campaign for the elections? Whether you're running in the political elections for public office or student council, you must have a clear & well thought out platform and a superb team. When you have your platform set up, it's time to get creative with your electoral campaign strategies. Here are a few tips on how you and your team can promote your political party's election campaign:

elections campaign marketing ideas

Brand your political campaign ads

This includes creating a campaign logo to represent your party & platform. This political logo will be on all your campaign materials so it's important that it is unique and meaningful. Decide on your color scheme, tagline, fonts, and image. Use the same color scheme, font and style of imagery for all your promotional materials. This way, your audience will be able to distinguish your party and relate all of your promotional messages & campaign materials - like elections posters, campaign flyers and website - to you.


Be visible everywhere through online, digital & print marketing

Make sure people see you. It's important that people get to know you and your political platform. Include your photo, name, logo and tagline on website banners,commercials, display ads, and print marketing. Be active on social media and get to know your supporters and help them get to know you more. Invest in online advertisement. Post up elections yard signs, political flags, banners, posters, bumper stickers and more in all your target neighborhoods! The idea is to help your audience remember you and what you stand for. 


Set up a website

Have all the information about your campaign and platform in one place. Create a clean website that is easy to navigate. This way, voters can go thru all the information in one place. As always, make sure that your branding remains consistent.


Hand out handouts

Distribute election flyers, campaign brochures, and even giveaways like political buttons, voting stickers, branded tote bags, campaign t-shirts and more.


Send newsletters

It's important to collect contact information so that you can send updates, platform information and voting details to your supporters. Send regular e-mails, especially closer to voting day. Every vote counts so making sure that everyone remembers to do so is crucial!

Last but definitely not the least:

Be present in the media

Attend debates, host events, accept interview requests, speak up. Always be kind, diligent and respectful.


One last thing: When you win the race, say thanks to your supporters and don't forget to follow thru with the promises you made ;)



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