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The Impact Color Makes on Marketing

Posted by | 07-12-2018

Every color has its own unique psychological and physiological impact, as well as certain associations that people recognize. This is why it is so important to choose colors carefully when you are branding and marketing your name or product. The Impact Color Makes on Marketing Once you have established the color or combination of colors you will use to market your products, the same color choice should be used on every item. One example of how this strategy translates into greater sales is with the use of appealing colors for making printed tickets or wristbands. Using your special color to make tickets/wristbands to an event will let people know right away who the event is by. When they recognize a brand, they are more likely to trust and purchase. According to an article on Your Computer Solutions, some of the meanings of color are:

  • Red – Associated with movement and excitement, red is a popular marketing color because it raises the appetite and boosts metabolism.
  • Blue – Blue is calming, safe, and associated with dependability and wisdom.
  • Black – Although commonly associated with death, black is also thought of as being powerful and authoritative, in addition to having an association with class and intelligence.
  • White – Most of us recognize white as a sign of purity, but it also extends to cleanliness and safety.
  • Green – Money, growth, fertility, good luck, and, with today’s environmental concerns, energy conservation.
  • Orange – Energetic, fun, and entertaining.
  • Brown – Stable, natural, organic brown is an earth color that is associated with reliability and utility.
  • Purple – Long associated with royalty, purple stimulates brain activity to enhance creativity and problem solving.
  • Pink – Fun and feminine.
  • Yellow- Sunny, this cheerful color causes serotonin to be released in the brain, so you feel happy and cheerful.
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