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The Value of Printed Tickets in the Paperless E-Ticket Age

Posted by | 25-06-2015

To some people, the concert ticket is a valuable souvenir. Even the average person will have a few tickets in their scrap book to help them remember outstanding events that they experienced in their lives. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your favorite band in person, and reliving the event over and over in your mind. The colorful artwork used in custom tickets turn them into a valuable piece of collectible memorabilia. E-tickets, on the other hand, have less of a “real” feel to them. In addition to lacking collectability, there are also other reasons that printing your own tickets on your home computer isn’t always the best choice.

Computer Crashes

When you have real printed tickets in your hand, you never have to worry about the very real possibility that a computer crash will cause a glitch in your reservation or other arrangements. This not only includes social events, but also airline tickets. While many people see e-tickets as an advantage over paper tickets, because there is no worry about misplacing or losing them, there is always the possibility that they will be lost somewhere on the internet.

Greater Security Concerns

By nature, e-tickets are more difficult to monitor and protect from security issues. Imagine buying a concert ticket online, and traveling for miles to see your event, only to find that you have purchased fake tickets! Crooks will always find a way to make money at your expense, and they don’t care how much of an inconvenience it is for you! Custom tickets with built-in security features that ensure tickets are authentic give buyers a higher level of security so they don’t pay to see events that they cannot access!

Lack of Flexibility

One of the biggest areas of concern for people who purchase e-tickets for airlines is the lack of flexibility when there are last-minute cancellations. When they transfer their flight to another airline, they may find that the process is a huge hassle.

Any event that requires tickets for entry or access for certain privileges can benefit from custom tickets. They contain important information, such as the date and time, that will never be captured in the same detail on e-tickets. To learn more about having custom tickets printed for your event, call (800)-881-8845.