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6 Items That Will Help You Throw A Snazzy New Year’s Eve Party

Posted by | 14-12-2017

New Year's Eve - such an important event for a lot of people. It's a time to close a chapter, evaluate the last trip around the sun and start anew. If you're throwing a New Year's Eve celebration, you have to make sure that it's one to remember! We've got some New Year's Eve Party tips for you!

Here are 6 items that can help you throw a snazzy NYE bash:

Six. Send a chic custom invite

Send out personalized cards that reflect the vibe of the party that you're about to throw! Consider how long it would take for regular v.s. express mail to arrive and prepare these accordingly. For smaller groups, consider delivering the invites personally.

new year custom invitation

Five. Print secure and elegant admission tickets

If you're hosting a bigger event - perhaps at a club, banquet hall, concert venue, bar, etc. - make sure that your admission tickets are easy to spot, are tamper-resistant, informative and stylish! Much like the invites, the aesthetics should match your theme.

nye ticket design

Four. Provide your guests with New Year themed props

Consider taking advantage of items that prove to be both decorative and useful. For example, to easily identify your attendees, you can distribute stylish wristbands that your guests wouldn't mind wearing. You can also promote your business by distributing branded lanyards that can hold badges, whistles, cups, etc.

nye sparkling wristbands stubs

Three. Have a scrumptious food & drink menu

Take out the best champagne, the most delectable appetizers and keep them coming. If you're going for a more budgeted, organized or corporate service and would like to keep track of your guests consumption, consider using drink tickets or wristband + stubs combos to better organize your catering and make sure you stay within your event budget.

drink tickets party

Two. Provide entertainment

Invite a DJ, plan games, hire a band, etc. Live entertainment keeps the crowd's spirits up and can be a good way to get people to mingle!

live entertainment event

One. Don't forget the countdown!

When it's almost midnight, gather your guests and count the seconds down together. Create a unified vibe. If you have New Year's Eve ball dropping traditions, consider sharing them with the attendees.

2018 new year party tips

That's it. Have a blast and happy new year!