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Avoid These Common Event Planning Mistakes

Posted by | 30-03-2016

We’ve all attended events that have gone awry. We’re talking about those family picnics under a giant rainstorm or the fundraiser where no one was able to show up. In most cases, these problematic events are the cause of a few common event planning mistakes. Any event can go south fast, but if you take note of the following mistakes some event planners get into, you will be fully prepared to handle any disaster.

Not Sweating the Small Stuff

So many times event planners are scrambling to grab a pen from a business next door or have to run to grab some tape at the last second from the store. Don’t be one of those event planners. When you have all of your stuff together and organized you are calmer, appear more professional, and clients notice. Make sure you have the essentials like, all of your event posters, extra pens, your printed tickets, tape, and so on.

Not Getting On the Same Page

Your client may be picturing a fantastic event in their head and you can be considering a completely different, realistic version of their vision. It’s important you get on the same page from the get go. To ensure client satisfaction, take them on a tour of the event facility and really get them a firm understanding of the realities of what you are going to be able to provide. The last thing you want is the client being unimpressed or upset at the day of the event because something is a bit different than what they initially planned for.

Insufficient Staffing

Do you have enough people to help you with the setup and teardown? That could become a lengthy process. Is there enough people at the registration? It may take people a long time to get into the event. If someone needs to take a break is there going to be someone to cover them? Especially someone qualified to serve a vodka martini on the rocks! Make sure your staff is in place so you don’t have to worry about being too short in certain essential areas.

Not Considering External Factors

Whats happening in town this weekend? Is the event you’re planning across the street from a major protest? Maybe there will be no parking spaces. Is there a competing event happening across town? Maybe this weekend wasn’t the most ideal date for the event. It’s vitally important to consider any external factors that could influence the accessibility and draw to your event.

No Confirmation

Did you schedule a caterer? Confirm the menu and staff they are providing with twice. Did the client say they were going to provide a registration table? Get it in writing. The last thing you want on the big day is someone holding you accountable for not being prepared, especially when it’s not your fault. Clear and effective communication and double confirming on things your clients and event vendors promise you will help you avoid any issues of who is responsible.

Lack of Weather Planning

If you’re planning an outdoor event, you should check the weather forecast, then check the weather forecast, and after that we advise you check the weather forecast. The weather can be unpredictable, but if you’re going to go forward with an outdoor event perhaps you should sell rain ponchos, provide waterproof event wristbands, and definitely make sure you have coat check tickets ready to go. You need to make sure your attendees have every option to be comfortable in the weather as possible.


Following a few of these guidelines may just prevent your next event from turning into a disaster. Remember that most events come with unexpected issues no matter how well you are ready for them. We just hope you’ve put yourself in the best position to tackle them head on.