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Increasing event security with wristbands

Posted by | 15-03-2018

festival wristbands

From sporting events to music festivals, there are many types of events that require participants to purchase tickets for entry. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who thrive on their ability to create fake tickets and profit from their sales. This is just one way that wristbands offer greater security than printed tickets made of paper. They are made in a variety of materials with customizable features that are right for a wide range of special events.

Another way that wristbands increase security is by preventing the wearer from having to rifle through pockets or purses to hunt for them. Would-be thieves are often on the lookout for people who are carrying valuables that they can steal. With the wristband, you can simply present your wrist for scanning, and keep your money and other valuables from being exposed.

Wristbands come in a wide variety of colors and can have any kind of image, text, or bar-codes printed on them to make them as fun to wear as they are convenient. In addition, various security options are available that prevent third parties from making fraudulent copies or tampering with the bracelets. They also combine efficiency with security by making it easy to scan people into an event in a matter of seconds, reducing the potential for long entry lines. These are some of the options you have available to you:

  • Synthetic – These wristbands are strong and water resistant. A UV encoded image can be viewed only under blacklight illumination. After the adhesion has set in, removing the bracelet will compromise the area with the hidden image so that it can be detected under blacklight. Adhesive application means they work on any size wrist.
  •  Plastic – Strong, non-stretch plastic is waterproof, making these a good choice for the water park or the pool. They use a permanent SNAP closure that must be cut off to remove.
  • Tyvek – Tyvek is a lightweight, waterproof material, and these wristbands are virtually tamper resistant. Tamper shredding slits cover the adhesive area so that the adhesive will be destroyed if tampering occurs. These bracelets easily peel and stick, making them fit comfortably around any wrist. Try the litter-free option!
  • Silicone – These 100% silicone rubber wristbands come in a variety of bright colors and are available in rainbow and swirl designs. You can also choose from glow in the dark blue and green. They are lightweight, washable and very durable.
  • Wristbands + stubs combo - Secure, waterproof vinyl wristbands with peel-off tabs convenient for use at wine and beer tasting festivals, conferences, bar hopping events, activity centres, amusements parks, carnivals, etc.

Not only will these high tech wristbands protect your business and/or your event, they will ensure that participants who pay the price of admission aren’t getting a fake ticket that a counterfeiter profited from. To learn more about ordering custom wristbands to make your event more secure, call Comtix at 1-800-881-8845.