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6 Advantages of Using Custom Wristbands for Your Event

6 Advantages of Using Custom Wristbands for Your...

Posted by | 14-07-2016

Planning an event for a lot of guests? Wristbands have easily become the most popular way of managing your admissions and guests. This article will explore the many advantages of offering custom wristbands to your guests and the different varieties of wristbands you can choose from. Read More

Getting a Sponsor on the Back of Your Event Ticket

Posted by | 16-05-2016

Any event, whether big or small in scope, can attribute a lot of it’s success in the quality of sponsors it received. Sponsors offer financial support, prizes and other assets that go a long way to covering the costs of your event and in turn aiding their own marketing efforts. Read More

Why You Should Pre-sell Your Event Tickets

Posted by | 12-04-2016

A job in the event planning industry can be stressful for a multiple of different reasons. Unpredictable weather, other local events vying for your audience and the little fires that always seem to pop up for event planners to put out are enough to drive anybody up the wall. Read More